David St-Onge, eng. MPM PhD.

Engineer in Arts

Initially trained as a mechanical engineer specialized in the structure of buildings, I pursued graduate studies in project management to acquire the necessary tools for more multidisciplinary work. Recently, I chose to specialize in artistic projects involving robotics and I completed a Master's degree followed by a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (robotics).
To contact me: s...@gmail.com .

Artistic projects

I have had the opportunity to work with inspired and visionary artists. My profession is engineer in arts: I work with artists to give them the technological tools they need to express their talent and vision.

  • Ithaca

    Ithaca lines

    Nicolas Reeves

    Electronic harp constantly playing according to the weather (clouds, rain, winds, storm, temperature and humidity).

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  • AMN


    Nicolas Reeves

    Resin sculpture dipped in honey which lights up according to local radio transmissions.

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  • Insectarium



    New resin techniques for an outdoor educational children's park.

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  • Aerostabiles


    Nicolas Reeves

    Fleet of autonomous cubic flying robots for installations and hybrid performances.

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  • Cryobooks


    Tagny Duff

    Mobile display freezer for cryogenic sculptures.

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  • Les Perforees

    Les Perforees

    Gregory Chatonsky

    An array of dot matrix printers constantly printing self-generated text.

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  • Pulse Drip

    Pulse Drip

    R. L.-Hemmer

    Garden hose synchronizing its water jet with the pulse of the user.

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  • Last Breath

    Last Breath

    R. L.-Hemmer

    Mechanical sculpture imitating human breathing from a paper bag.

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  • Machine de Cirque

    de Cirque

    Machine de Cirque

    Custom structure, which consists of 2 trapeziums, 2 chinese poles and motorized props.

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  • Machine Mysterieuses


    Sciences Center (Mtl)

    Simple machines and mechanisms workshop for children.

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  • Mariee Binaire

    Mariee Binaire

    Nataliya Petkova

    A robotic exoskeleton which takes over a person's facial muscles and vocal system.

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  • Enclave


    Gregory Chatonsky

    An LED monolith showing patterns in local network transmissions.

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  • Robots duchesses

    Robot duchesses

    Robotic heads turning and lighting their laser eyes according to tweets with word 'duchesse'.

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  • Floating Head

    Floating Head


    Interactive floating prosthetic head of Stelarc avatar.

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Integration of Arts within Architecture

Federal, provincial and municipal programs exist in Quebec and Canada which promote the integration of major permanent artwork into new building projects. I provide artists with an engineering structural analysis of their artwork, both at the proposal and the final realization stage.

  • Suspension bridge



    A decorative bridge over the cafeteria in a primary school.

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  • Chrysalide


    Karyna St-Pierre

    A temporary winter shelter in a park with special butterfly ligthing design.

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  • Memoire vive

    Memoire vive

    Lucie Duval

    A permanent aluminium tree.

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Workshops, educational animation

I share the passion I have for my work with a wide variety of audience, including researchers in other disciplines and students at all educational levels.

  • Summer camp

    Summer camp

    University Laval

    Lego-mindstorm-based robotic activities for children 9 to 12 years old.

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    Volunteer for the high school robotics competition FIRST in Quebec.

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  • Creative Mornings

    Creative Mornings

    Creative Mornings

    Public conference on the future of robotics.

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  • School workshop

    School workshop

    primary and high schools

    Half-day or full-day workshop on robotics for children between the ages of 7 and 16.

  • Misbehavior Workshop


    Chambre Blanche

    Full day workshop on the design and programming of simple misbehaving robots.

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Publications and talks

An exhaustive list of relevant publications to my fields of study is available here.

Peer review publications

Other talks

  • Deployable Mechanisms for Small to Medium-Sized Space Debris Removal. Proceedings of the 65th International Astronautical Congress. Toronto. St-Onge, D. and Gosselin, C. (2014)
  • "CELLULAR MEMORABILIA" FOFA Galery at the Univ. Concordia, Montreal, CA T. Duff and D. St-Onge. (2012)
  • "Case study Science Art: Canadian Experience"Laboratoria Artist Center, Moscow D. St-Onge. (2011)
  • "Research in New Medias for Visual Arts" School of Visual Arts, Moscow, Russia D. St-Onge and D. Perreault. (2011)
  • "[VOILES|SAILS] Overview" Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland D. St-Onge. (2011)
  • "Multimedia projects: interdisciplinary interactions between contemporary art and science" School of Visual Arts, Moscow, Russia A. Ablogina and D. St-Onge. (2011)
  • "Le projet collaboratif 'Floating Head'" ELektra_Lab3 '10 Festival, Montreal, Canada D. St-Onge, Stelarc and N. Reeves. (2010)
  • "L'art robotique" University Laval, Quebec, Canada D. St-Onge. (2010)
  • "Un artiste au Laboratoire" Laboratoire NT2 (UQAM), Montreal, Canada D. St-Onge. (2010)
  • "Flying cube project or science and art collaboration in Hexagram" Prague Quadriennal '07, Prague, Czech Republic D. St-Onge and N. Reeves. (2007)